Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 14.56.15Hello and thank you for checking out my blog, Autistically Sarah. I was diagnosed as autistic at 24 and then ADHD a year later!. A lot of people were confused by this piece of news at this stage of my life. I quickly learnt this was because most people had heard of autism and ADHD, but have little understanding of what this means. I am using my site as a place where I share my experiences of being autistic, an ADHDer. Both before my diagnoses and after, to show that neurodivergent people don’t just fit into a few and misinformed stereotypes. I am also dyslexic too but that was recongised when I was a lot younger. To put it blunetly, I am not very neurotypical and I use this as a space to write about my neurodivergence.

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  1. Hi Sarah, 63 year old Autie here.

    i just saw somewhere you are asking which people/websites/blogs, et al have helped us.

    Four folks who have really helped me the past six years since being diagnosed at age 57 are Cynthia Kim musingsofanaspie.com and Amethyst Schaber who has a youtube channel. and her great video series ‘ask an autistic’

    also, filmmaker John Schaffer of Wild Asperagus Productions, who makes amazing films.
    Laura Nagle, whose film is Vectors of Autism, made by John.

    John has a youtube channel too. and his films are free to view there.

    Vectors of Autism is a most amazing film.

    hope this helps others to find these resources.

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